Moon gazing prawn I did yesterday.

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Little bird I drew today. Up for grabs if anyone us interested? Contact me through

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Started this little fella the other day.  I’m hoping he will build it into a full sleeve but either way I’m looking forward to cracking on with it.


Did this little one on a young maths student today.  First tattoo and she sat very well. 

Hope everyone is enjoying this sun!

Dragon tattoo.

I recently finished this sleeve on a chap from the town where I did my apprenticeship.  And managed to get a snap in a rare moment of sun!

There were a few coverups involved but we managed to make it work.

I am really keen to push my knowledge of Japanese tattooing so if anyone out there is interested in getting tattooed in this style please feel free to contact me.

Skate or die! (Unless it’s raining).

Did this on a charming Australian lad today.


This rain is getting to me.  Not been out on a board for ages.  Still it can’t last forever.

Pray for sun people.

Small japanese Noh mask water colour.