The city that never sleeps?

Not a bad day really.

Although technically it’s yesterday I’m talking about.

This whole week has been a bit odd though.  Starting this blog has given me a little boost and stayed the usual pangs of melancholy I tend to feel when the seasons start to shift, or suspect they are about to.  It’s good to be productive as my friend Newton always says.  Speaking of which I am supposed to be meeting him for a skate at Finsbury Park bowl at around 8am today and here it is at almost 1 and I’m still wide awake.  I’ve just gone and found some wine in the kitchen that has been left there by our Californian house guest.  I’ll replace it tomorrow.

Anyway.  Started the day off with a little drawing as my first client had got it into his head that his appointment was this coming Tuesday for some reason so it gave me a few hours to try to copy a photo of a Michaelangelo statue I found in a book.  Then I had a nice man in who ended up getting a load of lettering down his arm.  Funny thing was his wife had typed it out and she had spelt again “agian”.  I noticed when I got to the g and he was very grateful.  We had a fun time afterwards telling his wife we had only noticed her spelling mistake after I had finished the tattoo.  Her face was the perfect picture of horror.  More so as she was one of those funny people who insisted on overseeing every part of the making of the stencil and all that just to see I am doing my job properly, and got a little huffy when I said she couldn’t come in while I was tattooing her husband.

There is some commotion outside.  Just looked out and it could almost be 8 or 9 in the evening as opposed to gone 1am.  I’m expecting to hear the crazy man that likes to wander up and down our road late at night arguing with himself loudly.

Maybe this city never really does sleep.  Or if it does it’s a kind of semi – sleep where it’s constantly trying to convince itself it’s asleep while living out half imagined nightmares from the previous day.


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