London tattoo convention week…


Well another London convention is over.

I went on Friday to catch up with a few people but after the carnage of last year I was happy to just go the one day.  Good to meet Volko and Simone from Buena Vista Tattoo at long last.  Our secretary Kirsty at Flamin’ Eight has been offered an apprenticeship with them in Germany so although I will be very sad to see her go I am over the moon for her as I’m sure it will be an amazing experience.


This week has been somewhat slow although tattooing the above memorial tattoo as a girl’s first was a nice piece to do.

It’s always humbling to be able to give someone a tattoo like this as I know it matters a great to them.  The trust they put in you to do tattoos that mean something such as this one is also one of the nicest things about my job.


Got tattooed today by the delectable Luca Ortis.  The last session was a bit hard to handle but todays was fine and I think I could have probably gone for a few more hours were it not for Luca having an afternoon appointment.  One more session and hopefully it will be done which will be one more part of my body to cross off the list.  Going to New Wave also gave me a good opportunity to glean some words of wisdom from Lal, always a pleasure.

With nothing major planned for the rest of the week I am hoping to at long last be able to crack on with a bit of drawing, so hopefully the next post will include a few more sketches etc.

Have a good weekend all!


One Comment on “London tattoo convention week…”

  1. luca says:

    you did indeed sit like a champ!
    i’ll be putting a link on my website.

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