Muswell Hillbillies.

Well here we are again, almost at the end of another year.  I can usually tell when everyone starts thinking about Christmas because, as with a majority of public holidays and events throughout the calendar year, people have started to act perhaps more rowdily than usual.  As I type this in my front room my ears are being assaulted by a two fold attack consisting of a discordant rendition of We wish you a Merry Christmas from the street outside, and a thumping, half muffled cacophony of perpetually looped Christmas songs from the restaurant below.

Merry Christmas Everybody by Slade is my Guantanamo song.

That being said I am actually rather fond of Christmas, as long as hunting, mud, open fires and ale are included I am happy.

I am very sad to be missing the Boxing Day hunt this year as I will be in Iceland.  I will also miss my London friends over the festive season and as most of us will be out of town we decided to have a bit of a pre-Christmas gathering at the Clissold Arms in Muswell Hill.

Too early for paper hats?

It’s been a rather sleepy day at Flamin’ Eight with everybody keeping very quiet and getting their heads in work mode.  We all seem to be winding down for the year which is nice.  I did get to do a rather cute butterfly skull on a rather cute young lady, and the charming Freddy popped in to get a little scorpion added to his chest piece.  I asked him what it was about and he said that it was for protecting from paranoia, which is fair enough I suppose.

I haven’t minded the winding down so much as it has afforded me a little time to work on my on (and on and on), going skull painting.  Yes I know it’s a bit cheesy but I guess every tattooist has to have at least one skull painting, so I thought I’d get it out of the way.

Will I finnish it before the end of the year?  I’m not sure.

More hand tattoo pictures!  Kirstys’ fingers this time.  All healed up.

The music has quietened down now Odin be praised.  And the banshees in the street has slunk back to whatever hollow they emerged from.

In conclusion Christmas is pretty great, and I shall endeavour to remember that even though I may at some point find myself vomiting into the gutter as any gentleman would, despite the best effort of high street chain stores and half witted celebrities, there is more to this merry season than spending money (unless perhaps it is money spent on tattoos), and that the friends in our lives and the appreciation of the simpler things is what makes this season special, for me at least.

I shall be raising a glass to you all.


Mid winter madness.

Hello all,

Firstly please allow me to apologise for my laziness.  I have not posted on here for so long.  This could be due to a combination of the cold weather, laziness and generally not having that much to say but I am not going to over analize.  I have also been building myself a website you can see at

Anyway I’ll try not to prattle on for too long so as to bore.

Ely has  now left to travel around South America for a couple of months.  I’m missing her wisdom and friendly smile a great deal.  She will be back in January though so that will be a relief.

Before she left we got the chance to tattoo each other at least.  While out drinking a while back we mentioned how although being a good idea we never drink enough water in between alcoholic drinks as subsequently get back hangovers.  An H2O tattoo where it can be seen on ones drinking hand seemed to be a solution to the problem, and I must say since having it done I am more conscious of drinking water whether with booze or otherwise.

While the weather was still not too cold I popped up to see Dave, a good friend of mine who first set me on the path to tattooing.  As you can see he was pleased to see me.

I’d forgotten but one of the first tattoos I did on him (and perhaps one of the first I did on anyone), was on his palm so I thought I’d take a photo of it.  I am quite amazed it is still looking ok.  You can see what it is anyway so that’s not too bad.

I did offer to touch it up for him but he told me to fuck off.

I’ve been trying my own hand at a few inside of the hand tattoos recently.  Very tricky but I’m hoping to get better.  Here is one I did on my friend Kirsty a couple of months ago anyway which I’m pretty happy with.

We have had a few changes in the shop of late.  The outside has been painted and the inside is being done up soon which will be great as it has been the same for ages and a change is needed.

We also have a new artist in residence!  Julia has made what I would describe as the wise decision to up sticks from Hong Kong and move back to good old blighty.  I’m glad she did as like the new lick of paint she has brought a little more colour to the shop.  She is also very much a tattooist, whereas I am not really a tattooist but rather someone who does tattoos.

Julia tends to specialise in bold new school tattoos with lots of colour which balances out James realistic black and grey work and my chintzy art wank.  You can check out here work at so please do just that.

Spent an enjoyable Sunday afternoon just gone in Highgate with the lovely Brooke and the delectable Irene.  A mixture of walking and taking tea.  I do so love the drippy blue evenings of November and December, and finding oneself in one is always made twice as nice if one knows that there is a pleasant tea house or pub just round the corner.  Of which Highgate has both!

Once again dear friends my humblest appologies for leaving such a gap between posts.

Until next time…MERRY CHRISTMAS!