Few interesting things this week. Started this constructivist type half sleeve that I am looking forward to cracking on with.

Also finished this scull and hourglass piece that has been far to long in the making so good to get that done and dusted. Sorry about the shit photos. The light in the studio is so god awful for taking pictures under. Better ones to come though hopefully.

Also picked up a printing press at the end of last week so hopefully will be putting that to some use in the near future.
Until next time…


Walked from the flat in Muswell Hill to Hampstead across the Heath. Then on to John Keats’ house, the Old Bull and Bush pub and on to Golders Hill Park before heading home, mostly in the rain and I am absolutely shagged.

Finished Phil’s owl yesterday after too many long breaks between sessions. He sat so well and I am very proud of him. Not a good photo though so I’ll try to get a better one when it’s healed.

Did a little linocut today but I am in desperate need of a printing press as no mater how clean I cut the lino the transfer of ink to paper is never sharp/dark enough. I have found myself compensating for this by thinning out the printing ink but this just leads to bleeding. Most annoying but I guess it all part of the learning curve.
So if anyone has a press for sale I would be most interested.

Another week almost over…

Got to do this cheeky bird today on a guy I have tattooed a few times before. Not quite sure what it was all about but a fun tattoo to do and a pleasant customer so what more can one ask for?

I am hoping to finally get my arse in gear and A, get some linocuts up for sale or swaps. And B, get some drawings together I would really like to tattoo for cheap or otherwise so keep popping back and hopefully I’ll have something before too long.




Tattooed this on a lovely chap who popped into the studio a few days ago.  They are doodles his late mother used to draw when on the phone etc which I thought was a nice sentiment.

Also got to do this rather kickass wolf on my friend Johns neck.  He sat like a champ and I was most proud.