Walked from the flat in Muswell Hill to Hampstead across the Heath. Then on to John Keats’ house, the Old Bull and Bush pub and on to Golders Hill Park before heading home, mostly in the rain and I am absolutely shagged.

Finished Phil’s owl yesterday after too many long breaks between sessions. He sat so well and I am very proud of him. Not a good photo though so I’ll try to get a better one when it’s healed.

Did a little linocut today but I am in desperate need of a printing press as no mater how clean I cut the lino the transfer of ink to paper is never sharp/dark enough. I have found myself compensating for this by thinning out the printing ink but this just leads to bleeding. Most annoying but I guess it all part of the learning curve.
So if anyone has a press for sale I would be most interested.


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