Well well. Sun. The good weather seems to have come at last so long may it continue.
Started a flower half sleeve this week on a girl from Brighton that I am looking forward to cracking on with.

I’ve started trying to take a slightly different approach to doing flowers so am looking forward to completing this piece.

Ok so I downloaded a picture ageing app which I’m sure is lame and hipsterish, but quite fun, and here are a few bits I’ve managed to get out of it.

Had a good few days skating at various parks with various folk around London including Mile End and Potters Bar. I realise there is only one picture of me but I always forget to ask people to take any photos. Here they are anyway.

Enjoy the sun while it lasts!



Once again too long between posts so sorry about that.

Had an enjoyable day skating with Mat from New Wave doing a bit of a tour of skateparks in London taking in Meanwhile Gardens, Meanwhile Two and Stockwell.

Bit of a grey day but good to have the place to ourselves. Meanwhile is a park that was built in the seventies and has been moving in all directions since then so had to skate with the cracks that have developed but still one of my favourites in London.

Thursday was the first time I have skated Stockwell since the nineties and it was good to see what they have done to the place. Intimidating though as everybody there seemed to be amazing and very familiar with the place.

We met a guy who was interested in the tattoos and a very good skater. He had a pen but no paper so wrote our websites down on the bottom of his board. Should have done a Nathan Barley Trashbat-esque plug with him.

On am artier note I did a little linocut for a friend today. Printed water based ink and blood on burnt paper.

Still need to gather together some frames and then will start numbering and selling some so stay posted.

Not a bad week so far. Got the opportunity to do this little bird on Alex from Blue Fire tattoo in Chingford. Side of the knee but she sat very well.

Also popped over to New Wave in Muswell Hill to see Luca and thought I would bring Lal one of my prints.

Still getting to grips with the linocutting but think it is going ok. I have ordered some perspex and am hoping to try out some etching so I’ll put something up when it’s done.

Until then have a good week!