This week seems thus far to have been a week of roses.  Maybe this is because I have been reading a book about a plant collector and believe vaguely in synchronicity and all that mumbo jumbo.

So yes I started the week with this one, which I am well aware looks a little sinister, but is in fact based on the melancholy tale of the Nightingale and the Rose by Oscar Wilde, which I thought was a rather lovely idea.  I have to admit I had not read it before this gentleman came in and asked for a piece based on it, but I would recommend it (with tissues at the ready).

Second up was finishing this one.  His first tattoo and came all the way from Rotherham to get tattooed by me so I was very proud.  He sat like a rock as well which was fantastic.

Note the change in light and temperature in the photos.  The weather has been mental over the last couple of days.

Don’t get drenched or sunburnt people.


One Comment on “”

  1. Philemon says:

    The birds looks super super awesome! Youre got a way with colours!
    Great work!!!

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