Finished this today.  Please click on it if you want to see a bigger picture.


Japanese chrysanthemum cover-up.




Just thought I’d add this little skull I did on a foot today.  Sorry for the lousy photo.







Been neglecting the digital tablet a little recently.  But knocked up this digi-chalk this evening.  Read into it what you will.


Finished off this sleeve of humming birds, roses and skulls on Monday.  The first full sleeve on dark skin I’ve done.

I have to say that working on darker skin has certainly steepened the learning curve what with the contrast being so different from paler skin.  Everything seems to benefit from exaggeration.  Very difficult to take good photos of as well!

Still, all good practice.  Going to let it heal and hopefully see if any places need adjusting.


Also did this little tiger on Tuesday.  Feels like the first one I’ve done in a couple of years.